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Finance Your New Roof

Roof replacements are a costly part of homeownership. Not to worry! Legacy Roofing & Inspections offers financing for roof replacements through Acorn Finance. Follow the steps below and begin the process of financing your brand new roofing system!

Apply for

Steps for Financing Your Roof


  1. When customers apply on Acorn, we review their application data and do a soft credit check to see which lenders' criteria they match. (this has no impact to a customer's credit score). ​​

  2. Then we send the customer application information over via our secure, technical integration to all matching lenders. Those lenders do another soft credit check and underwrite the customer in real time to send back their pre-qualified offers. 

  3. Customers see all their offers online within about 10 seconds of submitting their Acorn application. 

  4. If a customer wants to proceed, they click to select an offer and we connect them to the lender online thru our secure, technical integration.

  5. The lender then does a hard credit inquiry (this has a slight impact on a customer's credit score) in order to provide final approval. Upon final approval they will fund the customer directly. Usually within 1-3 business days for most lending products.

  6. The customer then pays you as a cash buyer, according to your terms.

Learn More About Acorn Financing

Click here to learn more about Acorn Finance's Roofing Finance Options and to see new offers available for you.

Scan the QR code with your phone's camera from your desktop, or click on the code below from your device

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